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    "Schöner Wald in treuer Hand...
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    ...labt das Aug' und schirmt das Land!", sagte schon Gottfried Keller.

Ortsmuseum Wattenwil

Fred und Cécile Zimmermann - Stiftung

The Fred and Cécile Zimmermann Foundation

Non-profit organization that aims at presenting a public collection of works of art, ancient utensils and other objects related to Wattenwil. Part of the exhibitions are works of the painter Walter Krebs (1900 - 1965).

You see in the museum
well researched and documented temporary exhibitions, showing Wattenwil, its history and its character, the inhabitants and their work, looked at from various viewpoints – serious and amusing occurences – simply how local life is nowadays and how it has been in the old days.

You are looking for an answer to questions related to Wattenwil, its population and its history? link icon Do not hesitate to e-mail us, it′s a great pleasure to help you in your enquiries!

Wattenwil, Routes of St James  
(Expo 2009 - 2010)  

Opening time: Each Sunday, 14:00 – 17:00; free entry, donations. Closed in July and August.

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